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What do Occupy Wall Street and SHIFT have in Common?

Surely you’ve seen all the news about Occupy Wall Street. It’s been fascinating to watch the growth in Occupy Wall Street protests (in the US and abroad). Perhaps, you’ve wondered what made people start and what motivates them to continue to stick with this social change initiative.  Perhaps, you are now wondering what I mean by “social change initiative” – check out The bottom line is that if you want to see change then you have to take action.  

Social change initiatives like Occupy Wall Street relate to SHIFT in several ways:

1.   These social movements are happening now. The Occupy Wall Street protests began on September 17, 2011, and by October 9, similar demonstrations had been held in 70 major cities and over 600 communities in the U.S. Internationally, other "Occupy" protests have modeled themselves after Occupy Wall Street, in over 900 cities worldwide. Ironically, the SHIFT initiative also started September 17, 2011 in Philadelphia, PA and is gaining momentum as more teens and their friends and family recognize their power to push back on the excessive marketing of unhealthy food and beverages that is directed towards them.

2.   Both of these movements affect your community.

3.   Both of these movements started with the belief that it is change is POSSIBLE and NECESSARY.

4.   Both of these movements started with a small group of committed individuals who were dissatisfied with the status quo.

5.   Both of these movements were criticized for being “unrealistic” before they gained momentum.

6.   Both of these movements are revealing the ways that wealthy corporations often benefit at the expense of our communities.

7.   Both of these movements are increasing awareness to the fact that making money does not have to come at the expense of humanity.  The Occupy Wall Street movement has gained momentum partially due to it’s enthusiasm for discussing creative alternatives to our current economic and government systems.  SHIFT is drawing attention to the food marketing system. A recent report indicated that food companies focused on emphasizing their healthier food options are growing faster and delivering superior total return to their investors. Imagine that, more profits and people can still have healthy options. Sounds like a win-win so what will it take to get food and beverage companies to lay off promoting their unhealthy options in urban communities?

8.   Online support is extremely important for both of these movements.

9.   Both of these movements are taking place in multiple locations. Shout out to our SHIFT teen supporters in Maryland!!!

10. Both of these movements need ongoing support.  

SHIFT like Occupy Wall Street is just getting started. Show your support for SHIFT and healthier food and beverage options in your community by liking us on Facebook (!/SHIFTDemand and make the commitment to share this blog with at least 5 of your friends!



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