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We Celebrate How Far We've Come

Hello everyone – it’s Carissa. How has life been treating y’all? I hope well, and if not then it will get better but remember things don’t just change you have to get up and make it happen. With that being said, SHIFTDemand teen crew leaders are celebrating our 1st anniversary! What a year it has been. In many ways it went by so quickly and in other ways time was almost standing still. Overall, I have to say that I am very happy at far come SHIFT has come. It hasn’t been easy to get other teens on board and thinking about how we can change this food marketing game. SHIFT started out with 25 likes on Facebook and less than 50 followers on Twitter. Our vision was far beyond online numbers and we worked for what we believed in and soon began getting others on board too.

We have surely grown and reached new heights – and we thank all of you for your support. We knew getting into this type of campaigning would present its challenges. However, we were ready to be pioneers in fast food and sugar-sweetened beverage counter-marketing.  It would have been easy to quit but we didn’t give up. Instead we blogged about the injustices of the current food marketing system, snapped pictures, talked to friend s and family, created videos and much more to get where we are today. We have made our own personal moves as game-changers and continue everyday with our intimate battles with the current food marketing system. What matters the most is that we were educated and shared our knowledge with others who are now thinking about food marketing differently too. We also continue to make sure that we spread the word about making our food choices reflect what we really want and not what’s being pushed in our communities. SHIFT still has a lot of work to do and we still dream of seeing big changes in food marketing that support the health of our communities. For now, we hope we have inspired others to stand up for what they believe in and to feel part of something bigger than themselves.

SHIFT now has 1,656 likes on Facebook and 5,395 followers on Twitter! SHIFT is shaping our health by influencing food trends one day at a time. This just a brief update… However, share your stories and tell us how far you have come this year and about how SHIFT has inspired you!

Until next time, shift your actions, shift your thinking, and shift your health!

Carissa, SHIFT Crew Leader

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