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Watch What You Eat

What’s up, it’s George again. I wrote this blog post to tell everyone (and especially a couple of my friends) that your food and beverage choices matter.  Recently, I had a very interesting conversation with my friends that made me realize that some of us teens really aren’t seeing the BIG PICTURE when it comes to our health.

My friend told me that he wanted to get some McDonalds after school – get a value meal or something; but I informed him that that wouldn’t be the best afterschool meal/snack choice. Another one of my friends joined the conversation saying “Why wouldn’t that be a good choice?” You know, I gave him what I thought were the obvious reasons: the food wasn’t healthy; eating fried, salty, fatty foods on the regular can really affect your health in the long run; your falling right into the trap of their marketing tactics (e.g., value meal – where’s the real value when you’re eating value-limited food??) etc., but that didn’t faze them at all. One of my friends tried to make a claim that if you work out after you eat Fast Food like McDonalds, Subway, Burger King, Wendy’s, etc., then everything would be fine, but that’s not the case. 

Yes, we need to eat but do you really understand how long you would have to exercise to “balance things” out?  Okay, first there’s the issue of how all the fat, salt and sugar you will consume will wreak havoc on your body. You’ve heard of heart disease and diabetes, right?? But let’s talk about all those calories you want to balance out. What the calorie signs at Fast Food restaurants don’t tell you is how long you would have to work out to burn what you ate.  For example, if you drink a typical soda (250 calories) you would need to spend 50 minutes running to burn off the calories or “balance things.” Perhaps that’s what the menu signs should say. Check out this link:

My friend then said that “eating healthy is too expensive”, which isn’t always the case. Eating healthy is only expensive if you want it to be. All you have to do is to make a nice cheap home cooked meal/snack. Check out this website for ideas of healthy things that you can buy or make on your own for under $2.00.

Presented with the facts, my friend then gave up on the argument and said that “most teens don’t care about what they eat so why should I. It’s not like eating what we want is going to kill us.” This comment made me realize that SHIFTDemand has a lot of work to do.  A lot of teens just don’t care (which is unfortunate) or just don’t have the facts and this has to change. We need to start caring about what we are doing to the inside of our bodies as much as we care about how we look on the outside. Do you hear me?  SHIFTDemand!! Let me know what you think.

George, SHIFTDemand Crew Leader

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