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It’s Carissa - Blog readers, bloggers, boys and girls, how have you all been? I hope all is well with you. Summer has officially begun for me and I’m just loving it and relaxing. I’ve been trying not to relax too much and still get up and do something every day. You know- staying active and all.

Unfortunately, summertime is also a very violent time. So please, Be Safe: / About three days ago, I witnessed a shooting on the block where I live.  It left me very traumatized and sad. I’m a strong believer in peace and compromise. I think it’s really sad when people resort to violence and, even worse, gun violence. I wish more people would be like SHIFTDemand and find some sort of compromise and balance that works. I was thinking about how SHIFT can be an archetype for other campaigns to address what’s going on in our communities.

Violence, I believe, is never necessary. It’s just senseless! It’s a shortcut to results that  does more harm than good for either side. I just wanted to take the time to talk about the senseless violence in communities and remind you guys that any mature person knows the alternatives, as well as the consequences. Usually violence starts from a very small and irrelevant situation that is never as serious as its being taken. I sometimes walk down the street and think, “Why are people so mean? Why do different parts of the city war against each other?”

Honestly, I believe that as a people, we should unite behind initiatives like SHIFT and take our focus off of unnecessary violence against each other. Even if you don’t like another person, that’s not a reason for you to hurt that person or vice versa. We can co-exist in this world. We are “civilized” human beings and if we take the steps to calmly use our brains and emotions, we can achieve so much more.

I know George was just talking about how we shouldn’t focus all of our attention on what’s not working in our communities but this is an issue that was just shoved right in front of me. It deserves some attention and acknowledgement. As humans we make mistakes and every now and then lose sight of what really matters.  We’re all family at heart and we should just simply smile a little more. I definitely feel as though killing people with kindness is much more beneficial. It could possibly show people the error of their own ways and make the world a better place. Surely, fighting fire with fire can’t be the answer to your problems. We must find more ways to prevent the violence and the “beef” before it even begins.

- Today I’m asking you to wake up every morning with a positive heart and mind. I’m also asking you to smile more. Tell us if you think it has any affect at all. If you catch yourself straight faced or frowning, just try smiling (you won’t look silly).

Don’t forget why we are here – to be a voice of reason and to help our communities not just survive but thrive. Interact with us on Facebook/Twitter.

Carissa, SHIFT Crew Leader

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