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Summer 2012: Time to Shake Things Up!

Hello everyone – it’s Carissa. I hope all is well. With grades and homework coming to an end and the heat increasing everyday, I’m sure it’s getting hard for you to keep your head straight. Trust me, I can relate. DON’T, DON’T, DON’T let SHIFTDemand  slip your mind through it all. The companies sure aren’t forgetting about marketing to you and getting your money. So don’t forget about us.

Through all the beaches and amusement park fun, don’t forget to inform and be informed. Really start shaping your health by influencing food trends. Basically, only buy things you actually want to see in your neighborhood stores. They try to use availability to attack you. So attack back. Talk to a store clerk about what they offer or maybe take that extra walk to the market/healthier food place. “Be the change you want to see” and don’t forget that you can’t do it alone. Get people onboard. Summertime isn’t only bathing suit season but it’s your time as young people to really show what you value with your spending. Make your own decisions with your summer job money. Make sure that what you buy to eat or drink is worth your dollars. Teens have a voice and an opportunity to make a change in our communities.

Have fun and enjoy your summer!  : )

Carissa, SHIFT Crew Leader

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