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Streaming Thought on the World of Food We Want...

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a while! We’ve all been transitioning and adjusting from summer to school and all that comes along with it.  It’s taken some getting used to new classes, teachers, people, early mornings and so much more on my plate now. Juggling is a part of life though, so fear not. I am here and my well has not run dry.

With everything on my plate I still keep an eye out for all types of SHIFT related news. Some news just catches my eye while it might be easily dismissed by others. For instance, McDonald’s is now offering an all vegetarian restaurant in India solely because of consumer pushback; this is really interesting to me. Here’s a quick thought: did you know Chipotle, the Mexican grill, was owned by McDonald’s? I mention this to point out that a fast food restaurant can run a successful restaurant and offer healthier food.

However, it’s like fast food businesses really think their consumers want the unhealthy-clog-your-arteries, give-you-diabetes and heart attack causing food that they encourage you to eat as often as possible. That’s what they think we WANT? However there are constant examples that show how community pushed back or how a little “power of the dollar” can go a long way; and we know that works. So yes, we tip our hats to McDonald’s for that step in the right direction in India, but how about right here in America?

My conclusion is that food marketing is so heavy that it often overrides the idea that perhaps you don’t like something or even really need it but you are willing to accept it and eat it because it’s right there. The lack of awareness of our own power to change what happening in food marketing must end. Be informed; ask questions and let companies want you really want.

While it’s easy to get caught up in the fast food craziness we must not forget all these sugary beverages as well. Seeing a 5-year old drinking a Mountain Dew and eating chips for breakfast, is something that has come to be accepted in our communities but it’s unacceptable in my eyes. We need a new normal and for us teens a new trend of what’s “cool” when it comes to what we decide to eat a drink.

Tell me what you think and spread the word to SHIFTDemand!

Carissa, SHIFT Crew Leader

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