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Starting the New School Year Off Just Right!

Hey guys, it’s Maxine, I’m back and letting you know that it’s almost here. Yes, I know, it’s as if summer just started, but who really wants to be on vacation for that long? LOL… As much as we would want summer to last just another two weeks or so, we have to admit, there is a little something in us that just can’t wait to get back to school. Going back to school is a time for rekindling friendships, sharing memories of the summer, getting back to playing for our favorite school sports teams, meeting new teachers and learning new things in class. These are all of the things that help pull my school year together and bring me a lot of joy and excitement. However, as I prepare for the start of the new school year I began to think about how I plan to do the usual sports and extracurricular activities, but I don’t take much time out to think of how I can improve as a person and student this year. Have you thought about any changes big or small you would like to make going into the new school year?

Change can be difficult as you are essentially forcing yourself out of your comfort zone, but it can be a very fun and liberating experience as well. When trying to make changes for the new school year, take small steps towards your goals. If you would like to get better grades this year, try organizing a study group and give yourself extra time (no last minute rushing) to complete each of your assignments. Maybe you need help with a certain skill for a new position on your sports team; so take extra time outside of practice to speak with your coach about how you can increase your natural abilities. Perhaps there is a club or organization that you have always wanted to join, but fear was holding you back. Then make a plan to attend a meeting with a friend just to see how they operate so you can become more comfortable and confident when joining or trying out in the near future. Keep in mind that taking small steps to move towards your goals can be done with anything that you would like to accomplish for the new school year.

As I move into back to school mode, this is also the time of year when I become thriftier when it comes to my weekly spending and choosing the best on-the-go foods is extremely important. It’s hard with our busy schedules. However, we have to ask ourselves, are the food and beverage choices we make giving us the most nutritional value as well as keeping us full until our next meal? Choosing healthier food and beverage options can greatly affect how productive we are throughout the day. Consuming foods and beverages that are high in fat, packed with sugar or salt may leave us feeling tired, sluggish, and unproductive.  However, choosing a variety of nutritious foods and beverages will increase our ability to focus more in school and enjoy the activities we love.

Never sell yourself short on what changes you can make or what you can achieve and always strive to be your very best. Remember, SHIFT your thinking, SHIFT your actions and SHIFT your health!!

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