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Recognizing the Game

Congratulations! By being here you've taken an important first step in making positive change in your community. The next step is to take some kind of action today.

Let's start by keeping it real. The change has to start with us. Beverage companies and fast food companies make millions of dollars every year. They’re not going to just magically stop selling junk in our communities. I'm not saying it's a conspiracy. But to them it's just a business, and every soda, or sugar-sweetened drink that we swallow is another dollar in their pocket. Meanwhile, our health is just getting worse. That may sound harsh, but it’s not hard to see.

Do you recognize the game?

Fact: More marketing of this stuff is aimed at us than other communities.
(More marketing of SSBs and high-calorie fast foods is directed to black Americans compared to other racial and ethnic groups)

Fact: As black teens, we probably spend more of our money on soda than other races and ethnic groups.
(Black teens outspend their peers by 10-25% in virtually every consumer category related to disposable income)

Fact: These kinds of drinks can make us fatter.
(As an estimate, daily consumption of a 12-ounce SSB could lead to as much as a 15-lb weight gain in one year)

Fact: Every drink increases your odds of developing other health problems.
(Increased SSB consumption is associated with developing diabetes, obesity, and other health related conditions.)

So the game is not hard to recognize if you pay attention. But the change has to start with us. Keeping our communities up to date with these facts starts with us. Putting pressure on these companies to stop lying to our kids about these foods and drinks starts with us. Getting on point with our own diets starts with us.

Two things you can do TODAY:

  1. Make a quick video and let your voice be heard!
    Which SSB’s do you see being targeted towards our communities? How do you think we can start to recognize the game? Get on the camera and express your opinion or post a comment on this blog.
  2. Tell at least five friends to join the campaign today to make it more fun!


I think these are some good facts. Many people don't realize what these types of foods are doing to their body. People do need to start recognizing the game when it comes to marketing, because if you don't you WILL end up with one of those health problems you mentioned.

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