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Hey Guys and Gals, its Carissa. So it’s been a while since I posted a blog but here I am. Did you miss me? Haha.  So prom season is right around the corner and it’s getting pretty hectic for us teens still in high school  – well at least for me things are getting hectic with SAT’s and last marking period exams and projects, and the list goes on. I can’t wait for summer vacation right about now.

Well anywho, you guys know that the crew at SHIFTDemand is not knocking anybody for what they do, eat or drink. We’re just trying to make sure healthier food and beverage options are available in our communities. You know, working TOGETHER to make sure companies know that we are not down for what they’re stuffing in our faces right now. Honestly, I think these fast food companies are just throwing themselves under the bus – the Prozac and other crazy medicines being injected into our foods, the disappointing Burger King ad, the pink slime controversy, the diabetes connection with their menu options, and so on. Over and over these companies are giving us even more of a reason to speak up and speak out. They are laying their dirty laundry right in front of us and expect us to do nothing. Will we accommodate their expectations or disappoint them?

Just like all the school work and prom shopping we have to get done, it’s crunch time. People are talking about food and how it’s being marketed – yes this is a hot topic so stand up and talk about it and what you want to see.  Believe it or not there are a lot of people who will take interest in what matters to YOU just because you’re young. If you show enough passion and sincerity for something someone is bound to take grasp of the matter, whether they are young, old, rich or poor. Don’t EVER give up on what matters to you and remember determination is the key to success. This goes not only for your interest in shaping your health by influencing food trends (SHIFT) but personal things as well. I would like to encourage you to be your own person with your own mind because (I’m sure I’ve said this before but I’ll repeat it) we all have our own little pizzazz and unique something to bring to the table.  Don’t wait for someone else to say something or do something. There is power in not only numbers but in words. So I guess what I’m trying to say is just like we’re not letting the fast food and beverage companies shape our options by telling them what we want and need. We’re reaching further and beyond, don’t let your school, friends, family or anybody or anything limit your dreams and what you want in life.

These food and beverage companies are giving us a test right now, will you pass? Stay true to yourself and the rest will follow.   

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