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The Pro Athlete's Diet?

It’s your boy Chenjerai again breaking down this game we call marketing. The first thing that I gotta say is that I’m hot about this whole Troy Davis thing? Did ya’ll hear about that? But right now I want to weigh in on the athlete endorsement aspects of marketing.

Don’t get me wrong, I love sports.

As a kid, my friends and I idolized our favorite athletes. Ball players are always on TV showing off their new shoes, cribs, cars, and how perfect their lives seem. I’m not going to necessarily say that they influenced everything I do, but I was influenced by certain aspects of it like the sneakers and video games.

But now I see it slipping into influencing the food we eat and drink too! These commercials make it seem like you gotta drink some hyped up “coolade” to be a “real” athlete. But then I was thinking – aren’t athletes supposed to drink more water?

Think about it. Most of the athletes that we look up to seem just like us with the same background. All of these commercials for sugary drinks and fast food companies target us the most. How many fast food spots are near where you live?

And the worst part is that a lot of our favorite ball players are getting paid to tell us to drink and eat this so-called food. But do you think THEY actually eat what they're promoting? Making all that money do you think they’re eating and drinking some garbage? Most of these athletes are on very strict diets and they work out every day, some of them even have personnel chefs to cook for them!

But now it’s your turn to speak. What examples have you seen of what I’m talking about?

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