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Price vs. Quality

Bonjour - it’s Carissa! Let’s not even talk about how long it’s been because it’s just CRAZY. We’re already into the holiday season – AKA nonstop holiday parties, hanging out with your friends and family eating festJ

With all the money we spend during the holidays I just wanted to say a little about food pricing and how it affects my food choices. When I’m out on the go and looking for something to eat not only am I worrying about taste and convenience, but also about the price. We’ve all seen the dollar menu, right?  That’s what fast food companies thrive on and expect us to see as a “deal.” Just imagine if there were dollar menus of healthy food options for the same price as your burger and small fry. Would you stop in and go for the healthy option? Honestly, for me if healthy options were on the same lost cost menu as the burger and fries I would still pass because I’m oppose to fast food operating practices.

As a vegetarian, it’s definitely hard to find cheap and even somewhat healthy meals on the go. I can’t just grab a quick burger or chicken sandwich and salads just aren’t my thing. I usually go for a make it yourself burrito which I fill with all sorts of veggies and salsa topped with sour cream and cheese. This usually runs me about $4-$5 or sometimes I get sweet potato fries with minimal salt which is usually about $2-$3. While both of these food options cost an extra dollar or two, I try to take into consideration the bigger picture. A burrito keeps me full for quite a while and usually there’s some left over for later. My sweet potato fries option is usually just something quick to eat that is also rich in vitamins that support healthy skin and your eyesight.  My drink 9 out of 10 times is water.  Water is usually free and it’s just what I need to hydrate.  Also, I try to eat at home as often as possible anyway.

Now, while my logic goes beyond just price and convenience let’s face it, most people aren’t always thinking about the real value of what they’re eating. There are usually three factors that impact our food choices: taste, price, and convenience. Yes, you’ve got like the way it taste and then there’s always price.  Let’s face it - it’s still easier and cheaper to buy chips than a yogurt or a piece of fruit in most neighborhoods.  Food prices will always be a factor (e.g. healthy food options can cost more than unhealthy food options) and is just another reason why we need to SHIFT demand so companies can see that they can make money selling us more healthy options. Meanwhile, we should continue to put our money where our mouth is and think about what’s better in the long run and not just live in the moment when it comes to food choices.

My challenge for all of us is to think about packing snacks and lunches which are usually a healthier, less expensive option than fast food or the bit pricier REAL healthy options.

SHIFTDemand! Carissa, SHIFT Crew Leader

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