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The Power of Choice

Hey it’s Carissa. Do you know that every time you buy something you are telling companies to sell you more of what you bought? Buying power is a serious thing. At first, I thought having buying power was what business people have or what adults in general have but then I found out that teenagers have a LARGE amount of buying power. We as teens, really help to determine what shows up in stores and in our community. Reports indicate that 12- to 17-year olds’ spending will rise to $208.7 billion in 2011.

We have a voice and the power to use it for anything we want. I’m involved with SHIFT because I want other teens to know we can be leaders in changing companies’ perceptions about what foods and beverages we want in our communities. We can influence food and beverage companies to change up what they do and what they sell. Don’t let them tell you what they’re going to give us because we are the reason they are in business. The customer is always right.

Since I’ve learned how my money really keeps companies profitable and in business I’ve paid close attention to what I spend my money on in my community. As teens and the next generation that will run things in the future, I think it’s important to know our rights and to use our power. We have a right to affordable, healthy, fresh, and delicious foods and we should make sure that’s given to us. We are never too young to make an impact. I for one want to make an impact and not let marketing companies or food and beverage companies pull us into this never-ending unhealthy whirlwind.

I want to fight back and take a stand.

It’s our money so why not use it or not use to let companies know what we really need and want. Companies act like they care in their commercial ads but if they really cared they wouldn’t promote, sell or place so much unhealthy foods and beverages in our communities. I will no longer be naïve to my influence on companies and I hope you won’t either. I believe that there is a very big problem with the current “business as usual” system. Now YOU know so what will you do?   

Carissa – SHIFT Crew Leader

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