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Our Say and Your Business

An open letter to Fast Food and Beverage Companies

Dear Fast Food and Beverage Companies,

We as teens spend a lot of our money on your products and you spend a lot of your money trying to convince us that we should continue to buy your products. Here’s the thing though, for some reason it’s always about you. What’s easiest for you and what you think works best in our communities.  Right now you seem to believe that teens in urban areas only want greasy fast food and sugary drinks.  We say this because we see all those commercials, ads and online promotions that you make just for us. Seriously, do you really think we believe that athletes and celebrities only drink beverages with lots of sugars like sports drinks and soda or eat the greasy fast food you have them endorsing?

It’s almost as if you see all of us like this:


and none of us like this:


So clearly you must think that you can’t make money selling us what we want – tasty, delicious healthy food and beverages. But is this true?  Who’s doing your research? Perhaps we can help – feel free to give us jobs helping you make wiser and informed decisions.

Did your people tell you about the Better-For-You Foods: It’s Just Good Business report from the Hudson Institute?  Did you know that companies that have healthy food portfolios deliver superior total return to investors?

Let us repeat this just in case you didn’t catch it.

Companies that are increasing the amounts of healthy foods that they offer are experiencing significantly more sales growth than companies who aren’t.

Are we speaking your language yet?

If not, let us translate. In today’s competitive economy if you don’t learn to adapt and innovate your business might not be around. Everyday more teens are aware of the power we have to change what you sell and how you sell it.  We have a voice and we are beginning to use it! Check us out at SHIFTdemand on Facebook.  Go ahead, like our page – ultimately we know you’ll get it.

You see because we are the future, we have to pay attention to the future. We see our future with more healthy food and beverage options, and we think that you should too.

Looking forward to real change (real soon)…



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