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The Order: Knowledge, Power

Hola everyone - it’s Carissa! I hope everything is great and that you haven’t missed me too much. Summer will sadly be coming to an end soon and it feels like it just started, but hey what can you do? I’ve been so focused on preparing for my senior year and all the commotion that comes with it.  I’ve barely had time for anything else anyway.  

But enough about me, there’s a lot to talk about. There’s the negative, the positive, the negative disguised as positive, and the controversial. The list is endless! Today I’ll stick to the positive and what’s possible. On July 28th, there was a Teen Health Conference in Philadelphia which I had the pleasure of helping to plan. Of course, we spent months planning the conference as well as lots of time, money and resources went into this one day event but the end result made it worth it. The end result was teens from all over Philly coming together to gain a better understanding of what it means to truly live a healthy lifestyle and why living a healthy lifestyle matters.

Healthy lifestyles including what we eat to the mind, body, and spirit connection were covered during the conference. To look out at the crowd who attended and to know this was put together by teens was a phenomenal feeling. It was great to see teens from diverse backgrounds exchange ideas throughout the day. There were several dance performances and lots of good speakers but most important of all there was empowerment through knowledge sharing. Our theme was “living life with a passion for healthy lifestyles” and we surely provided people with the tools needed to make the connection between our bodies, health and dreams for our lives. One thing everyone seemed to agree on is that there are changes that must be made in our communities and with each of us personally, if we are going to achieve good overall health. Just like SHIFTDemand is saying - right? Now that the event is over, I can only hope that we take the knowledge and use it as power in our communities.

I know you wish you were there, or maybe you were there – who knows? If you want to give your feedback definitely do so.  If you want details on how it was done ask away! This is just another example of teens leading change - you’re never too young.


Carissa, SHIFT Crew Leader

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