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OMG Arsenic In Chicken and Chickens on Prozac?!! More Reasons that Black Folk Shouldn’t Sing and Dance for Fast Food

Is it just me or is the food industry getting “Chin Checked” a lot these days?  (chin checked = punched in the chin). Is the media starting to respond community calls for real food options??

First of all, let me send a big shout out to George for his post about the Mary J. Blige’s Burger King disaster. I was so stunned when I saw the commercial that I started reaching for my asthma inhaler. I almost spit out the grapes I was eating. “Nooooooooo Maaaary!!!! Nooooooo!,” I screamed. I think I threw a carrot at my computer or something. “You’re the queen of Hip-Hop and R&B!! You don’t have to sing and daaaance for chicken like a 2012 Aunt Jemiiimmaaaaa…….!!!!” Nobody heard me though because no one was home.  Well, maybe my pet turtles heard me. They just kept eating pellets, but I could tell that they were feelin’ me. You don’t see them singing and dancing for pellets on YouTube. They have more dignity than that. But my point is this - good job George! AND as George pointed out this is what can happen when the community comes together.

Another horrifying chin check came last week in a disturbing NYTIMES Op Ed Piece by Nicholas Kristoff Now you may not always read the NYTIMES, but if you enjoy seeing people (and by people I mean the $$ focused food industry) publicly humiliated as much as I do then you’ll want to read this!

It discusses several studies from universities such as Johns Hopkins and Arizona State that have confirmed the use of uh….well let me just go ahead and say it..uh.. well maybe you should go sit down first? I’ll wait...Okay…. ready?…..

Factory farms are using Arsenic, Benadryl, Acetaminophen, and Prozac in the chicken! Yes, I said. Prozac and yes it’s for real. Apparently chickens have anxiety issues. I wonder if that has anything to do with being crammed together in oppressive and unsanitary conditions as they wait for their death. I mean I personally find that kind of thing calming but chickens might feel differently. 

Chicken hasn’t been a part of my diet for a while, but if it does become part of my diet again I would definitely be worried about consuming any mass produced chicken. By the way, most fast food chicken is mass-produced.

At any rate researchers, journalists and bloggers like George and Carissa are starting to do their part to call for a change.

Will you step in the ring?


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