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NOT "The End"

Hello Faithful SHIFTers,

Today’s blog is different from the rest because this will be my final blog. Also, while other blogs had facts and a message this one is completely emotional and without direction. Working with SHIFT these past few years has been a gift and a privilege. My eyes have been opened to food marketing injustices on an entirely new level as well as solutions and the powerwe hold as young people. It has been great to grow with this initiative. SHIFT has done it all from blogging and music to history and science all with the intention to get our message out and create this safe platform for youth to unite and learn, after all knowledge is power.

Looking back on my initial vision for SHIFT I had huge expectations for it to become a “symbol for youth leadership within communities nationally” which it has become.  SHIFT followers are represented throughout a number of countries to date. That is amazing and really I’d like to thank all of you who made our SHIFT dreams more than possible. What I also hoped SHIFT would accomplish was serious awareness - making people question things they had never questioned before and to look deeper into why certain foods and beverages show up in some communities more than others. While I feel we’ve done that beyond expectations only all of you really know. Finally, in the beginning of this initiative I stressed patience, but then I had no idea how much I’d really need. Patience is definitely a virtue we had that is paying off. In the beginning, we struggled to get numbers and responses that let us know our efforts were making a difference but now conversation hits about SHIFT are happening.

All of the hard work has definitely paid off, from silly pictures, to deep thinking conversations around what we can do and need to do to change the food marketing game. There will always be “Power in Numbers”, a “Purpose to Plank”, “Food for Thought” and “Snacks Kill”. More of the search for equality and fairness within and outside of food marketing is in motion. This “Goodbye” blog does not mean the end for SHIFT at all - it means new beginnings for me, George and SHIFT. The only way to go from here is up; we’re just passing the baton. Before SHIFT, I was an urban gardener/farmer and motivated student but working with SHIFT also gave me the perspective of a researcher and a youth leader which has made all the difference.

From here, I will be attending West Chester University to major in Political Science with a concentration in International Studies. I have big dreams people, hopefully one day you’ll see me working for the UN and running for US President J

Please continue to Shape our Health by Influencing Food Trends because I sure will. Put your $$ where your mouth is and unite for a purpose. It’s been great!!!

Much Love,


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