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New Beginnings

Did you miss me? It’s George again. Since I will soon be starting college, this will be my final blog. Bear with me, and I'll try not to be a cry baby, as I share with you all my greatest memories of being part of SHIFTDemand and what I hope to see from this great initiative in the near future.

When I first started with SHIFT, I promised that SHIFT would change the way our viewers think about food and food marketing, and I hope we have been able to do just that. Thanks to all the blogs, posts, events, and of course our fans, we have been able to reach over 100,000 people in 10 countries with our message so far. I hope that this initiative continues to reach many more in the years to come. I will never forget all the blogs I wrote about McDonald’s, and how much I despised them. Nor will I forget my most memorable quote: I’ll eat a plastic cup before I eat all the chemicals that fast food restaurants have in their food”. I’ll always remember “Planking for a Purpose”, “Real Food for Thought”, and that “There is Power in Numbers”.

SHIFT has taught me so much and I hope that everything that I have learned and shared will inspire other teen leaders to keep this initiative moving along. SHIFT has a bright future and if you haven’t hopped on the SHIFT express yet I encourage you to do so now because it will take you to places that you have never seen before. You will be exposed to the “real world”. It will not only change the way you view food but it will also change the way you view the world in general. SHIFT has been a wonderful experience for me and I hope that others will be able to have this same experience.

If you are wondering what I will be up to, I will be working with the Grassroots Campaign doing work similar to what I am doing now. At the end of August I will be attending Neumann University and majoring in biology. I will be sure to share all my experiences with as many people as I can while in college. Hopefully I will still be able to join you in working on this wonderful initiative.

Best wishes,


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