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Making Fast Food Even Faster: Ideas to Revolutionize the Industry: PART I

Let's face it - the fast food industry is trapped in a vicious cycle. They really believe that they need to market their fried, greasy foods in order to make a profit.  Of course, the companies believe they really know what we want because we keep coming in and buying their food. To get the facts companies would ACTUALLY have to talk to teens directly vs. deciding what to flood our communities with (more of the same greasy foods), so our choices are limited. Talking to teen consumers and giving them real options may be too hard for companies to do. Since these companies are kind of slow in finding a better business model, we’ve come up with a couple of unorthodox but interesting ideas to keep their businesses REALLY profitable.  I’ll let you “chew” (quickly) on this:

#1 Get Rid of Tables and Packaging

We do call this the “fast food” business right? Then what’s up with all the tables and chairs? Hello?! Get rid of those! Sitting down is for slow people. These are the same people who want to chew, and talk to each other, and wipe their mouths with napkins (which we should also ditch). Not only that, they take up space and cost money.

And what’s up with all of this packaging? It’s slowing everybody down! People just take the food out of the packaging anyway. Let’s just start putting fast food right in people’s hands. Then you could just keep it moving. That would be so much faster! It would also be more natural, that is if we could get them to sell natural, organic foods vs. chemically enhanced real food substitutes.  We’ll save millions on packaging and sell faster too! 

#2 Getting back to basics - Sugar, Salt and Ketchup directly in your hands – (for a price of course)

There’s no question about it. People like sugar, salt, ketchup, and other extras that go along with most fast food. So why not sell this stuff as a separate meal option?!! Let’s face the facts – eating all those extras is like a “meal” in itself. $2.55 could get you a ½ cup of salt, a ½ cup of sugar, and a bowl of ketchup for good measure.  Not in actual cups of course –but poured FAST directly into the hands of the consumer (since we got rid of the packaging).  It might be messy but most fast food is already messy so why not live it up.

Do you think these are awesome ideas? Do think this is any crazier than what they are asking you to buy? Let us know-Fast! Comment under the post to let us know what you think and your ideas for creating a better fast food business.



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