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Making Change Together

Hey, it’s George. Can you believe we’ve been working on SHIFT for nine months?? Where did the time go? We started with less than 100 people on board and now we have over 1,000 people giving us their support on Facebook.  It’s always great to make a change, whether it’s a change in your school, community or even yourself, but it’s even better when make a change together with a group of people. You get things done and have a lot of fun while doing it.

Last weekend SHIFTDemand hosted an event in Philly to talk with teens about creating change in our communities together and using SHIFT as the starting point. I feel sorry for anyone who didn’t make the event because we had a BLAST. Hezekiah, a local producer and music artist, came to the event to perform a few songs, but then he started dissing Philly rappers so I had to get on stage, spit some bars, and put him in his place. Just kidding, but it was a lot of fun. It was great to see teens coming together to discuss a major problem that we are facing in our communities – too much marketing of unhealthy foods and beverages. It sounded like all of the teens agreed that there needed to be something done and that we all want better options in our community. I believe that if we have a lot more events like the one we had last weekend, where teens come together as one to solve a problems in our community, then we will begin seeing a lot more change in our communities.   

Enjoy your weekend - SHIFTDemand!

George, SHIFT Crew Leader

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