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Literal Food, Virtual Truth

Hey, Hey, Hey – it’s Carissa. Today, I’m asking you all to take a virtual mind trip through your neighborhood. Random? Yeah, I know.  However, it’s something that I think you’ll find helpful in thinking about how you can improve the health of your neighborhood. I know that we all know that in order to know where we’re going, we MUST know where we came from.

Now this virtual mind traveling trip will play on both time AND place. To begin, close your eyes and find yourself at the corner of your block. Start your tour as a younger YOU in your neighborhood as early as you can remember. What do you see? I see “Big kids” playing ball, jumping rope, an ice cream truck, and water hydrants. I mean it’s endless! As kids we saw more things in detail, from the next door neighbor’s dog to the dandelions growing from the pavement.  Your environment is made of many major as well as minor details that affect the way you see the world. As children we played with our water guns in the back yard and maybe rode our big wheelers through the block.

Now fast forward a few years. What do you see now? Instead of riding through the neighborhood, we walked around. We could now enter the corner stores by ourselves – solo and “independent.” We see all types of people and places now- both negative and positive. One major change I see is McDonalds, Burger King and Fast Food everywhere. But why this change - and now I ask why my neighborhood?  Do you recognize how your viewpoint has changed with your height? I think the difference is just incredible!

Now I want you to guide yourself through another virtual mind trip but this time in your dream neighborhood – for kids, teens and adults. Maybe it’s very different from your current neighborhood - or maybe it isn’t. Just think about what could be improved overall.  One small change can go a long way - just figure out what needs fixing and get to work. Everyone and especially kids deserve a shot at a healthy long life.

I’ve been doing a lot of virtual stuff lately, so I figured this is something we should all do. Plus it’s fun! :-)

Carissa, SHIFTDemand Crew Leader

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