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Just because I am black

Hey, it’s George.  I hate the fact that I can go to a corner store and find everything except a piece of lettuce. I can find cookies, ice cream, and greasy burgers. However, I can’t find some fresh broccoli or apples. I have to get on the bus to go to a supermarket to get my fresh fruits and vegetables. I guess you can say these types of things aren't suppose to be obtainable for people like us and by “like us” I mean people who live in low income neighborhoods. People who have fast food restaurants on every corner, people who have corner stores on every corner, but when you want to go to a supermarket or a farmer’s market it may be miles away.  Just because we live in low income neighborhoods I guess to them it means we can’t afford the fresh, healthy foods like in high income neighborhoods.  So instead of supermarkets they put corner stores and fast food restaurants which really don’t have healthy foods options.

They do this because they know that it’s what we can afford. They think we want the fat, sugar, and salt, so they put the fast food restaurants a block away and they keep everything at a low price. I’m also getting tired of seeing every type of unhealthy food being marketed to me just because I’m a black teen. Everywhere around me I see marketing for McDonalds, Pepsi, Burger King, and every other type of SSB and fast food you can imagine.  I see them on the subway, corner stores, etc, and most of these ads have black teens, families, or celebrities in them. I guess I see this because I am a black and that’s what they want me to see. However, I’m not buying it because once you get trapped buying and eating unhealthy foods and beverages it’s pretty hard to stop. Once your hooked, marketers and food companies make sure you continue to eat fast food and that it becomes part of your routine. They are hoping your friends will join you and that eventually you’ll pass along the routine/habit of eating and drinking their products to your kids; and it continues forever.

That is, until there’s that one person that decides their going to walk that extra mile to get something healthy and then demand that these same healthy foods and beverages are available in their neighborhood.  Hopefully, others will join the movement and do the same. I don’t want people to get stuck in that everlasting cycle. I want people to realize what the food marketing system is trying to do to us. This is why I believe that there is a need for change, and it needs to start NOW!  So take some pictures of what you see as unfair target marketing in your neighborhood and post your pictures on our SHIFTdemand Facebook page.

Remember, SHIFT your thinking, SHIFT your actions, and SHIFT your health!      

George, SHIFT Crew Leader

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