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Game Changers

If you think your community should have a better selection of places to buy food and more food and beverage choices that are not loaded with fat and sugar, or salt – then take action! We encourage you to choose an activity listed below or create your own activity that meets the SHIFT Game Changers guidelines.

Game Changer Activities

  1. Invite all of your friends and family to join SHIFT
  2. Like us (SHIFT) on Facebook to make sure that fast food chains, soft drink companies, food and beverage companies and marketers in general know that teens want MORE healthy food and beverage options available in their communities.
  3. Make your voice heard by participating on our SHIFT Blog and Facebook page discussion forums
  4. Send or post a video/ picture of you and your friends eating or drinking HEALTHY food and beverages that fuel your body when you’re on the go
  5. Send or post a video about how YOU would market healthier food and beverage options in your community
  6. Create your own activity – Check out the SHIFT Activity Guidelines.

Visit this page often for new SHIFT activities

SHIFT Activity Guidelines

Why do we need guidelines?

SHIFT is the “brand” identity for efforts to push back on the heavy marketing of unhealthy foods and beverages directed to youth. Similar to a commercial product, having a brand name, a logo, and a website help people who take action to lead and support SHIFT. In turn, actions of SHIFT leaders and supporters help to build the identity of SHIFT, attract people to join the effort and help increase the visibility of our collective action.  Our SHIFT guidelines define what types of activities are considered SHIFT activities, and explain what SHIFT does and what it does NOT do. 

When is something we do a SHIFT activity?


  • Advocate for healthy food and beverage options in communities (e.g., low calorie, nutrient dense items – food and beverages that contain substantial amounts of
    vitamins and minerals.)
  • Promote teens and their adult allies working together
  • Encourage you to send us/post your success stories, event/activity pictures
  • Want teens from all communities and ethnic backgrounds to participate in creating the change they want to see in their communities

All SHIFT activities are respectful of other people’s ideals and choices as well as respectful of public and private property and will serve the common interest of improving community health by advocating for healthy food and beverage options in communities.


  • Promote or encourage consumption of unhealthy foods or beverages (e.g., high-calorie, nutrient-poor food and beverage items)
  • Promote or support violence, drugs or alcohol of any kind in its communications or activities
  • Use profanity, inappropriate language or visuals to communicate messages or activities about the initiative
  • Misrepresent, share or distribute information that is not based on scientific published literature or factual personal account 

If you have a question about SHIFT activities that is not addressed in the above guidelines or information on this website, please contact us at

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