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Food or Not Food?

What’s up everyone? It’s Carissa. I hope everything is good and that you’re still working on the goals you created for yourself this year. Along with the holiday break (which feels like a distant memory) came a little time to think. I’m surely an over thinker but with questions come answers and then understanding.

Lately, what’s really stuck out to me is people’s willingness to eat any and everything except real food. Then I thought, what their definition of “real food?” is I noticed that over time the answer to that question has shifted dramatically. Before, real food was whatever you see growing in your natural surroundings that wasn’t poisonous. Then it became more about what you farmed and raised.  However, now it’s anything companies tell us is food or market to us to eat. Food should be about nourishment – what our bodies need to function at their best. So, I don’t think EVERYTHING on a shelf or display of a food market that is labeled as edible is real food. These days, a lot of products we eat are processed and we can barely pronounce the ingredients. Is that food? If companies have products with the contents of household cleaners, dyes, poisons and so on, should we really be eating these products??

Would you eat a Christmas tree ornament if there was sugar added or just if it just had a great flavor and it was packaged as a “Holiday Treat?” Come on that’s ridiculous, but a lot of what is being packaged and pushed as food on-the-go and beverages don’t serve any better purpose for your body than that ornament. Nowadays it’s all about taste, and we’ve slipped into an era where we no longer look to food for energy or how it will benefit us in the long run and that’s not safe. The definition of food in the dictionary is “any nourishing substance that is eaten, drunk, or otherwise taken into the body to sustain life, provide energy, promote growth, etc.”

Take a moment and think about what you eat, read some food labels perhaps, and think about why you choose the things you eat. Is it for nourishment? Remember you are what you eat.  We really need to think about if there are benefits to what we are eating beyond satisfying our immediate hunger and what we think tastes good.

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Carissa McCann, SHIFT Crew Leader


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