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A Food Activism Strategy That Probably Won’t Work

Strategy #1 The “Die –uh- Beetus” strategy

  1. Walk into your local fast food restaurant during a busy time of day.
  2. Clear your throat loudly to get everyone’s  attention and recite the following script:

“Ladies and Gentlemens! I would like to make an announcement.

Die! Uh! Beetus!!!”  (Try to stomp your foot on each syllabus)

“Dyyyeeee - Uhhhhhhhh - Beetus!”

If there is an empty table try to stand on it.

“Your food is giving my people DiabetUS and we don’t want it maannnn!!!!!

  1. While you give people a couple of seconds to take that in, quickly scan the restaurant to identify a customer with a meal that includes a beverage.  Walk over to that person. Grab a piece of their food with each hand. Hold it in the air and loud as you can, say:

“I rebuke the obesity and diabetes in this meal!!”  (Then in a poetry voice) “I do not want the Obesiteeee! That you are trying to give to meeeee! No!” (stomping)

“No! No! No!”

Quickly before they can react, grab their beverage and pour it over your head.

Shake your head and say “ahhhhh” as if you feel refreshed. But then say

“I can feel the sugar on my face and I don’t want it maaaan!!!”

  1. (Optional Step) Ordinary People by John Legend
  2. Take a deep bow.  And ask if anyone will like to join the movement, and quickly move on to the next restaurant before the authorities show up.

"In all seriousness Do NOT attempt this strategy. It would be illegal and dangerous - it definitely won't work. Please don't ask how I know this...

But we do have to find some way to come together as a community and demand better food options. What do you think are some more effective ideas?

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