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Fast Food is Driving People Out of Their Minds!

My people! It’s your boy Chenjerai and I need your attention! Put down that handful of cheese chips for a second and wipe the cheesy residue off the side of your face (with a napkin not the back of your hand) and feel me on this! Suck down one last sip of that beverage that you are drinking and pay attention to what a brother is trying to communicate. Put down your phone (unless you are tweeting #NoMoreDiabeetus) and heeear the wooords that are coming out of myyy mooouth!

When we say you should call for more choices we DON’T mean this!!

**Warning: This video contains violent images and might be offensive to some.

Caught On Tape: Angry McDonalds Customer Rages Over Lack of Chicken McNuggets

I truly hope that one day all of you blow up and become famous for your accomplishments in life. I also hope that you organize with your community to call for better food choices.  But PLEASE promise me that I will never see you on YouTube in a video like this. Seriously. Like right now.  Raise your right hand in the air and say: “I will never spaz out and disgrace my friends in pursuit of McNuggets.”

My people, I wish I could tell you that the clip above was the only incident of a human being letting the inner fast food demons take full control of her mind and body until she  blacks out in a crazy (and hilarious) nugget tantrum, but it’s not.  It’s not even close to the only one. YouTube is filled with examples of people arguing, shouting, fighting and losing their minds in one way or another at various fast food establishments. Now I’m not saying that cheap, highly advertised, chemically- filled processed fast food products served in poor neighborhoods by low paid, disgruntled workers have anything to do with this. But there are certainly plenty of reasons why we should come together as a community to make sure that we have a better variety of eating and working environments than these kinds of places.

What should we be calling for?

There are several examples of things that communities have been able to effectively demand by coming together. We’ll talk about these more over the next couple of weeks but here are a couple of ideas to get us started.

1. Urban community gardens – Imagine actually seeing where your food is grown or even growing it yourself. A crazy idea I know but people in Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago and New York and other cities all over the country have started these.

2. Better food labeling – Trust me, beverage companies don’t put all of the bizarre ingredients on their bottles because they want to. Years of activism, action and conversation by people just like you led to this result.

3. Getting better food into schools – The soda industry in particular would love for black children to only drink carbonated syrup all day long. They’ve even tried to incorporate advertisements for their products in textbooks.  But several communities have come together and forced their schools to recognize that a school’s role is to provide education rather than to function as branches of the syrup industry.

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