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Don't Get "POOLED" In

Hey it’s George. Summer time is officially here and you know what means, right? Fun, but also a lot more marketing from fast food (e.g. BK’s Summer Menu, McD’s new sugar filled cherry chillers, etc.) and beverage companies. Companies and marketers know that us teens are going to be watching a lot more TV,  getting jobs as well as money from our family for summer activities.  They know that we have money to spend.

So, here they come - right at us with these crazy marketing tactics. You’ll have fun eating or drinking this, people that look like you are enjoying our products, its cheap – so, try it. You get the picture. You can turn on the TV for 30 minutes and I’ll bet that you will see more than 30 ads/commercials for what you should eat or drink. You can also go outside and find ads everywhere promoting some type of beverage or fast food. Summer time is just another opportunity for companies to show off their ads and products in a “fun” way because summer is all about fun - beach, pool, sports, relaxing, hanging out with friends, etc.  

On another note, if you haven’t noticed, the NBA Finals are here!!! The Heat is leading the Thunder, 2-1 in the series. My money is on the Heat! Lebron is doing well so far. He was probably the reason why they didn’t win last year, but I don’t see that happening again this year- especially against the Thunder. However, let me get to the point of my sports update. With so many people watching the NBA Finals, don’t think marketers aren’t going to maximize this opportunity! You’re probably going to see hundreds of food and beverage ads during the games. I just don’t want you to get pulled in by the hype these fast food and beverage companies are providing. I want all of us to be aware of the extreme marketing tactics that are being used to get you to spend your money this summer.

Pay attention and you’ll see their tricks. I know you know this but you really can’t believe everything that you hear or see. Don’t get POOLED/pulled in.  Remember, you have the power to SHIFTDemand!!

George, SHFT Crew Leader

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