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"Don't be Fooled by your Food"

Hey guys and gals – it’s Carissa. So I’m sure this post will be telling you a bunch of stuff you’ve heard before BUT I’m going to say it again. Eating fast food too often will skyrocket your risks of developing deadly diet-related ailments, for example heart disease, that are taking over our country. People might think that most deaths are due to violent crimes but really heart disease remains America’s leading cause of death, killing one American every 34 seconds, or more than 2,500 people per day (Read more: Sadly, people of all ages can be affected by the disease.

Drinking soda and other sugar-sweetened beverages will definitely have a terrible effect on your teeth and gives you a higher risk of diseases such as diabetes. Do you really want to be stuck poking yourself with a needle everyday because you just couldn’t put the soda and burger down? No, I’m sure you don’t.  Losing a limb, becoming handicapped and going blind; do any of these medical conditions ring a bell? These are all things that can happen if you don’t eat right. Right now, maybe you’re beautiful and young but if you look out the door everybody else started the same way. Instead of continuing on that path the majority of people went down the ‘fast food or soda path’ and in the end you can see that people have complications. But if you know better, you need to do better and right now I’m letting you know. Don’t be another statistic, break the chain and make a change for the better. Don’t let these companies decide what you should eat or drink, you can take control. You know what’s too salty or too sweet or just too much. I’m sure you’ve seen people affected by these diseases. Tell them as well it’s not too late to change. One small change can go a long way. Talk about it, don’t avoid the issue - ATTACK IT!

Eat something healthy - be good to your body and let people know about SHIFTDemand.

If you’re making a change, let us know we inspired you :-) by leaving a comment below.

Carissa, SHIFT Crew Leader


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