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Don’t Believe the Hype…

What’s up ya’ll it’s Carissa. So that last blog has got you thinking? Well, it doesn’t end there…

Why should we change the food marketing system?

Here’s why. Food and beverage companies have been marketing to us for a long time. Most have been creating a “relationship” since our great-grandparent’s days.

Marketers use all types of things to target us; they spend millions upon millions of dollars a year just to get our attention. Whether it’s through celebrity endorsements, placing fast foods ads on shows that we like etc., they’re determined to connect with us. Just Imagine if they could put that money to use for something better for everybody, something like HEALTHIER FOOD AND BEVERAGE OPTIONS…

Having all these fast food restaurants and sugar-sweetened beverages in our neighborhoods is really hurting us. The highest rate of obesity and heart disease are in African Americans. I know that y’all know this but if anybody doesn’t believe me you can check out the facts right here -

 It almost feels like its all part of the plan to kill us slowly but let’s not get into that… But they definitely use us for our money and give us the illusion that we’re living the good life. In reality the only ones benefiting from the system are the companies and marketers that target us for unhealthy foods and beverages.

What really makes me mad is that there are healthier options out there. The problem isn’t only that were marketed unhealthy options, but that we aren’t marketed the healthy ones. We don’t have a fair shot. Does that really grind your gears like it grinds mine? Well then we have to make our voices heard and get serious.

We need to let fast food companies and beverage companies know it’s NOT okay. Don’t just settle. They’re making us fat + they’re getting our money = it just isn’t fair!

As a matter of fact take a second and comment on this blog right now to let me know if you feel me on this!

Carissa - SHIFT Crew Leader


This really shows how marketers have made a relationship with us. People dont understand the there not getting there moneys worth. They are paying for a quicker death.

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