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Could YOU be a Soda Hustler?

On this blog we spend a lot of time talking about how soda companies target teens like you. However, companies are made up of people who have to make choices and ultimately make money. How do you think that they perceive their own jobs?

Just for a moment I want you to pretend that you’re a soda marketing executive.  Your job is to sell more of your beverages to black teens. To help you get into character. You may want to go put on a tie and put on a very serious face. Are any of your friends or family around?  Look at them and say “You’re fired!”

Alright now that you’re in character, I want you to try to guess how a marketing executive might respond to questions about marketing. Pretend you’re in an interview.  

For Example:

Question: Hello Mr./Ms. (your name)Why do you like being a soda marketing executive? 

How a marketing exec might respond:  “I enjoy the challenge of persuading people and I make a lot of money when people buy our product. I also get to say ‘you’re fired!’ a lot.”

Got it? Okay for the following questions take a second to think about how you would respond. Ready? Go.

Question 1: Many black youth say that they don’t really pay attention to any of your advertising and that they are not influenced by commercials.  In fact people of all ages and races feel that way. Should you stop advertising? It seems like you could save millions of dollars.

A marketing exec would answer this by saying__________________.

Question 2: If your job is successful, black teens will consume more of your unhealthy products than other drinks and foods that are better for them. How do you feel about that?

A marketing exec would answer this by saying__________________.

Question 3: What do you think is the best way to convince black teens to purchase your colored sugar water?

A marketing exec would answer this by saying__________________.

So how did it feel answering questions as a Soda Hustler? Are you curious to see what CEO’s actually say about these topics?

We want to hear how YOU would answer these questions! Share your answers and other thoughts on our Facebook page at

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