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Celebrating the Positive

Hey guys, its George again. I have been thinking lately and realizing that we have been focusing a lot on all the bad things related to unhealthy food and beverage marketing. We’ve been talking about what we don’t have and focusing a lot on all the things that people aren’t doing to help our communities. However, I want to take time to talk about the positives.

Let’s take time to be thankful for all the positive changes going on in our communities. I want to thank everyone who is trying to create positive change, whether it’s related to creating employment opportunities, getting drugs out of the neighborhoods, improving the health of our communities or whatever you are working on to make things better. I’m thankful people are willing to choose something they can improve and support because they are the reason why we are seeing positive changes in not only our community, but also around the world. If you look around, watch the news, or read the newspaper you will see that people are working together to create change. Even businesses are becoming more aware of how they have to do their part too. Fast food companies are trying to move towards healthier options. HOWEVER, they have a lot more work to do. But then I look at the number of communities that have farmer markets now compared to a couple of years ago and I’m reminded that things are improving slowly - but they are still improving. We the people have the power to change anything we want, and if you haven’t realized that by now, then go turn on the news, read the newspaper or read some of our other SHIFTDemand blogs (

So let’s continue to bring the strength of our communities forward. Thanks again to everyone who is trying to make some type of positive change in their community - you are the real heroes of today’s world.

George, SHIFTDemand Crew Leader

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