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Can We Trust THEM to be Responsible?

Hey, it’s Carissa and today I’m talking about food and beverage marketing and being socially responsible. Social responsibility is a principle which basically says that businesses should actively contribute to the welfare of society and not only maximize profits. It is an obligation to act to benefit society at large and not just themselves. Currently, food and beverage marketers regulate themselves, which means they make their own rules. Most rules and regulations are changed due to public outcry; if there is no outcry often things stay the same. Little to no regulations result in what we currently see, imbalanced marketing – more marketing of unhealthy food and beverages. AND more of this imbalanced marketing directed to African American teens. Over the years companies have made an effort (so they say) to be more socially responsible. Marketers have so much pull with teens and people in general to get their attention for something healthy; so in my opinion the socially responsible thing to do would be to devote resources and creativity to develop and promote healthy foods and beverages.

Food and beverage companies sponsor concerts, give free food and beverages to school and community events and do other things that really just = more advertising for their brands. Why not do something really socially responsible and start caring about giving us better food and beverage choices in our communities. Also, as I said regulations are only changed through an outcry of the public, so if we don’t say anything nothing will happen. Use your voice to hold these companies accountable for our need and desire to have healthy and affordable food and beverage options in our communities!

Do you think we can trust food and beverage companies to be socially responsible? Is this important to you like it is for me - or not really?

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Carissa, SHIFT Crew Leader

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