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Perhaps what the Soft Drink Industry is really telling you…

Hey Teens,

We in the soft drink industry consider it our duty to make sure that teens, and especially black and brown teens, are consuming large amounts of sugar and calories. It is important to us that you are drinking large daily amounts of sugar which = lots of profits for us. Therefore, we’ve made sure that you can find our products everywhere in your community.

If you didn’t know, healthy beverages can make us money but syrup and sugar make us rich!

  • Soft drink manufacturing is a 47.2 billion dollar industry in the United States.
  • As of 2010, there were 151 companies in the U.S. soft drink industry that manufacture flavoring syrup concentrates, powdered concentrates, and related products for use in soda fountains or for manufacturing soft drinks…
  • There are groups trying to unveil how our profit system works so whatever you do don’t read their REPORTS or review the facts for yourself.

Okay – we have heard many of you questioning why there are not as many healthy compared to unhealthy beverage options available in your communities. Many of you have pointed out that if healthier alternatives were available and priced the same as sugary drinks that you would purchase the healthier options. This is a nice idea in concept but what’s more important - your ability to choose or our profits?

Every sugary drink that you consume takes us closer to our profit goals. I would like to say we are innovators but really why change what’s working. Why should we focus on what you may really want when we can continue you to give you more of the same?

We thank you for supporting us with your hard-earned money or your parents’ money – it’s all good to us!

Your “friends”

Perhaps these are “friends” we can do without?


omg this blog is really telling the truth. It makes so much sense.

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