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Another Food Activism Strategy that Probably Won't Work

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Several vegetable and fruit costumes, 1 large bag of soil, a small bag of seeds. A jug of water. A sun costume. A Judge Outfit. Approximately two heads of Broccoli. Brave Friends.

OPTIONAL SUPPLIES: Banana Suit, Portable Speakers, iPod with “Peanut Butter Jelly Time,”

Step 1: PUT ON COSTUMES – Have one friend put on the Judge costume, have another friend put on the Sun costume and have the rest put on vegetable costumes. Be sure that you have on the Broccoli Costume.  (Face painting is strongly encouraged)



You (the Broccoli costume person) climb up atop a table in the restaurant.

Broccoli Costume person: (speaking loudly into a head of Broccoli):

“Ladies, Gentlemen and Teens!! My fellow vegetables and I have traveled here in search of our vegetable brothers and sisters. But I ask you “Can you find fresh fruits and vegetables within two blocks of here?!!”

Allow Crowd to respond: (For example) “Sir please step down from the table or I will be forced to call the authorities”

Tomato Costume Person: AHA!!! So you admit that there are NO healthy food options in this community and these people are forced to eat horrible toxic Junk!!!!

Restaurant owner: “What?  No! I’m just asking you to get down and stop-

Judge Costume Person (Banging a head of broccoli down on a table)  “Order in the court!!” I am now ready to make my final judgment and sentencing!!!!!

At this point you and your friends should gasp loudly and then grow silent in anticipation of the judges pronouncement

Judge Costume Person: (In an loud, authoritative, and disapproving manner) “ I Declare this Community to be a food desert !!!!

Tomato Costume Person: “Noooooooooo!!!!!”

Judge Person (Continuing).. And I sentence all of you to reclaim your neighborhood!!! Demand Real Food Options Now!! “

STEP 4:  At this point someone should dump out all of the soil onto the restaurant floor. Quickly spread it around.  Then throw the seeds on the soil and Water them. (Also call your lawyer)

STEP 5: Broccoli Costume Person: “We declare this restaurant to now be an urban garden!!!”

STEP 6: Everyone chant “Real Food Now!! Real Food Now!!” Etc.

STEP 7:  While the chanting continues have person in the sun costume dance around enthusiastically in the soil. Breakdancing is strongly encouraged

STEP 7.5 (OPTIONAL): Banana Costume person suddenly appears and yells, “You are about to get served!!!” Play “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” on Ipod. Banana Costume person then engages in an intense dance battle with Sun Costume Person

STEP 8: Continue until the authorities arrive – Then Run.  Be sure to remove costumes as they may serve to identify you.

"In all seriousness Do NOT attempt this strategy. It would be illegal and dangerous - it definitely won't work. Please don't ask how I know this...

But we do have to find some way to come together as a community and demand better food options.

What do you think are some more effective ideas?

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THE REAL FOOD NOW!!  THEATRE by Chenjerai Kumanyika and Julia Woolley




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