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America = the land of freedom and equality for ALL. NOT!

Soooo it’s me again, Carissa. This time the topic is an equality issue – the unbalanced marketing directed to black communities.  Flat out its unfair and another reason for us to step up and use our voice.

The unbalanced conditions are very apparent. In a black community there are way too many fast food options and other foods and beverages packed with sugar or salt, while in other communities people have to travel miles to even get a Big Mac. In other communities fresh fruits and vegetables are in abundance along with other healthy food and beverage options.  

When we look at the clear difference in communities “food atmosphere” it makes me ask, WHY? If we’re supposed to be the land of the free and all that equality stuff, why isn’t this really the case? Why are black people and black teens still singled out for the unhealthy things? Shouldn’t we get an equal opportunity at healthy options like other teens? Is America hypocrisy?  Well, I’m just posing some questions. One thing these companies do know is that black teens are trendsetters and that has helped them be successful so far. Companies do this by using us as the guinea pigs and letting others follow our trends, but why can’t we be the archetype for something better?

Clearly our food marketing system is not put together right and we should stand up and look at the issue from different perspectives. How does it look? BAD! It’s not fair to us at all.

BUT, the reality is we have unbalanced marketing and it needs to be changed. It’s affecting us everyday whether you notice or not. You need to recognize and take a stand.

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Carissa, SHIFT Crew Leader

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