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For all you heavy soda drinkers!

Hey, it’s George. So the school year is coming to an end and some of you may have some big projects to complete before the school year ends. For those of you who do, I know exactly how you feel. I myself have a big project to do for my science class.  We are doing projects on acids and it just so happens to be that my acid is phosphoric acid. For those of you who may not know what this is, (maybe because you don’t read the ingredients on your foods, drinks, or cleaning products or perhaps you did realize this was in the ingredients, but you just didn’t know what it was) phosphoric acid can be found in many products.  It is also found in your sodas. You may be thinking to yourself right now “Oooo ok, it must be completely harmless”, but that is a straight lie.  Not only is phosphoric acid used in sodas, but it is also used in cleaning products (to remove rust, stains, or smell) as well as fertilizer, etc. How do you feel about drinking something that is used in cleaning products? If it can remove rust and blood stains from a shirt, what do you think it will do to your body?

Well let me tell you. First of all, phosphoric acid alone can cause a disease called dermatitis as well as blurred vision, and difficulty with swallowing or breathing. When you add phosphoric acid to a soft drink, it still can be detrimental to your health even though it’s not the same concentration they use in cleaning supplies. It’s a fact that athletic teen girls who consume colas have five times the risk of bone fractures than those who don’t consume cola drinks. Dental erosion is one of the major causes of consuming drinks containing phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid in sodas causes tooth erosion even if you don’t consume much of it. Also, drinking two or more colas a day is associated with a two-fold risk of developing kidney disease. For those of you who have an addiction to coca cola or other drinks with phosphoric acid, if you were to stop drinking coca cola there continues to be  a chance that you will get kidney stones (check out these articles for more information: or So you might have to choose between kidney stones or letting your teeth rot away for years to come. So I hope the information I relayed to you today will make you think twice before you reach for next soda or fruity drink with phosphoric acid.

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George, SHIFT Crew Leader

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