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"400 Calories" - but is it Worth It?

Hey – it’s George. Once again, McDonalds has come up with another marketing ploy so we can think they offer healthy food options.  However, I hope everyone out there isn’t falling for it. So now we are supposed to think how bad could 400 calorie food items be in the scheme of things – right? For those of you saying, “Wow, I can eat several things from McDonald’s and they are not that high in calories! Now, I can eat at McDonalds without a problem” I would say THINK again. The meals are less than 400 calories, but they are still packed with more salt, sugar, and fat than you should be consuming on a regular basis. 400 calories doesn’t equal healthy. I honestly thought that with all the obesity prevention and control pushback that McDonalds would actually come up with a healthy, decent food options for people to eat, but that still hasn’t happened. It seems it’s more important to just change marketing strategies than to actually fix the problem – serving food that isn’t all that healthy to eat.

I think it’s extremely sad that some people won’t even bother to see why this type of marketing isn’t doing us any favors.  People, and especially teens, seem to think that they won’t get diseases like diabetes, or that they will never be obese, but then it happens to you, your friend or your family member. Perhaps then you start to think about why someone didn’t tell you that you shouldn’t be eating all that fast food, why it was so easy to get all the unhealthy stuff and why it was so hard to get the healthy foods you needed. I don’t understand why people have to find out they have an obesity-related disease to consider the importance of making healthy food choices and advocating for them too. I also don’t understand why the fast food industry is comfortable just giving people more of the same with a new marketing spin when they know it’s making folks sick. They seem to just care about what is cheap and profitable.

I hope you think about the things I am saying in this blog and really understand that you can’t just take what’s being thrown at you as healthy and assume that it is healthy or assume it’s what you should be eating just because you see it everywhere. Don’t wait until you get diabetes or some other obesity-related disease. It’s just not worth it.


George, SHIFT Crew Leader

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