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“Making Changes”

Hey everyone, it’s George. If you haven’t noticed I have been missing in action for a while – I just started my senior year of high school. So, I’ve been swamped with football and school work. Senior year is no joke! People portray senior year as a breeze, but it’s really the hardest year of your high school career. Try juggling class work, homework, senior project, sports, and college applications. It is not a walk in the park. However, I’m back now getting into the swing of things and I have some good news and bad news related to fast food.

Good News: The good news is that our voices our being heard!! If you look around the fast food nation more restaurants are trying to advertise the healthier items on their menus and they are gradually changing their menus.  Wendy has garden sensation salads, Arby’s has a light menu, McDonalds has their fruit and yogurt parfait, and so on and so forth. Fast food restaurants are also making it easier for us to see how many calories we will be consuming as well. All the pushback as well as feedback of what’s needed and wanted is beginning to pay off.

Bad News: The bad news is that although fast food restaurants are trying to make a change, it seems as if some of those changes just aren’t good enough. Are they not aware that marketing healthy doesn’t actually mean we think it’s actually healthy? Just because you put apple slices in a kids meal does not mean the meal is “healthy” perhaps more balanced but healthy – not so sure.  Just because something doesn’t have a lot of calories doesn’t mean it’s healthy either. Personally, I think there needs to be more nutritional information provided on fast food menus like how much sodium or sugar is in the item.

We are making strides but the fight for better and healthier fast food options isn’t over just yet.  Keep pushing back and letting these restaurants know what we want. They all have social media pages, so give them a visit and share with them some other alternatives/options to put on their menu. Also, be sure you are being interactive with the SHIFTDemand page by telling us what you think, uploading pictures, etc.  Do whatever you have to do to keep pushing out the message that WE STILL NEED BETTER FAST FOOD OPTIONS!

George, SHIFT Crew Leader

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