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“I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream!”

Hey Movers and SHIFTers out there, I’m Maxine, a new blogger, and a college student interning for AACORN for the summer. It actually just hit me, sometimes if I’m in a bad mood, Ha - most of the time I’m in a good mood, but I sure can be an emotional eater, but hey who isn’t? I also started thinking about what emotions drive us to eat the foods we think we may want, and how the foods that we choose, have an even greater impact on the experiences it creates for us.

Recently, Dairy Queen released TV and radio ads celebrating their audiences as fans with their new slogan, “Fan Food, Not Fast Food.” Hmm… I don’t l know about you, but I don’t feel too guilty for eating my favorite fast foods anymore, since they’ve renamed it, “Fan Food” LOL.  Even though Dairy Queen and other Fast Food companies, are just advertising their menu options, they are really playing on the emotions of their customers and how we cope and rely on our relationships with others and food, by lifting our spirits, during times of difficulty and then rewarding ourselves during times of joy. Reaching for a healthy fruit or vegetable could be very easy, but it could possibly be that once we have developed an acquired taste in our mouths, that we would rather taste a lot salt and sugar.  So we have to ask ourselves if we are ready to make that SHIFT from choosing foods that are higher in fats, sugar, and sodium to foods that are more beneficial to our bodies, so that we are able to enjoy our lives, but in a healthier manner.

My SHIFT challenge for us is to work past the marketing tactics that are used and to focus our attention on foods that are the healthier options for us. Our skills and knowledge can help us to put our emotions aside and to choose our foods wisely; to understand that these companies are just using their marketing skills to keep and increase their consumer base. In order for us to move towards healthier food options, we have to come together and bring about a change in how we can move our friends and families into shifting healthier foods to becoming “Fan Food” or associate it with anything that makes you happy in life. So let’s start or continue this movement today!

SHIFTDemand! Maxine

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