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“Be Healthy for Less”

Hey, it’s George. As teenagers we are on a fixed income, but we carry more buying power than we give ourselves credit for.  Because we only have a certain amount of money to work with eating healthy may seem difficult but it can be easier than it may seem. There are always fruits and vegetables on sale at the supermarket, buy them while they are on sale and allow yourself to try different things that you may not have tried before. Make a healthy meal at the beginning of the week and creatively recycle the leftovers to last a few days. A lot of times people forget that the best thing to do is to cook, eat at home, and prepare on-the-go meal options yourself. However, as teens this isn’t always possible but when it is you should give it a try.

Instead of just complaining about not having better healthier food and beverage options in the house, do something about it. If you are living in a household where your parents are still doing the majority of the shopping, you can offer suggestions and point out deals that will allow you to have healthier food options available for you and the rest of your family. You can volunteer to go with or in the place of the parent who does the food shopping for the family. Cut out coupons and collect grocery store flyers to make the healthier options more affordable and to see who has the best prices. Another option, when the weather is nice again, is going to a farmer’s market where it’s often cheaper to buy really great fruits and vegetables.

Comment on SHIFTDemand and tell me one way you are being healthy for less.

George, SHIFT Crew Leader

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